Laptop data backup and desktop data backup are just as important

Laptop data backup and desktop data backup is just as important as enterprise data backup. Whether your laptops and desktops are for business or personal use, you want to make sure they’re backed up correctly because the data on them is often more vulnerable than data that is backed up on a server storage system.

We put server storage systems some level of redundancy, so if a drive goes bad, it doesn’t take our data. Usually with a laptop or desktop, you have a single drive with no redundancy, and if that fails then the entire system fails.

The data that is on a laptop and desktop is typically most recent data for a lot of organizations.  The typical policy of “we don’t back up laptop and desktop data.” expects employees to copy it to the server on a regular basis. Those companies are fooling themselves because it’s typically not going to happen.

There are a couple of main differences between laptop data backup and enterprise data backup.   You can’t schedule it like you would a normal backup system, it’s possible the device will not be on, or may be directly connected to the network.  It’s very common for people to shut off their laptops, power-off their systems or hibernate their PCs as they go home.

You first have to be aware of all of those issues, and not simply take a server backup product and start backing up laptops.

Data backup products for laptop data backup and desktop data backup fits in a couple of different categories. From the software perspective, we tend to be talking about continuous data protection (CDP). CDP continuously replicates changes from that laptop. If it doesn’t have an Internet connection; it will cache up those changes and send them once it has one, you’re going to be continuously sending changes throughout the day.

Just because you’ve gone to cloud backup doesn’t mean you can ignore that different pieces of software behave differently. You still need to look at different types of software so that when you look at cloud backup services, you can ask them what they use.

The most common problem is purchasing a data backup product that changes the user experience too much. If you can choose the right backup product, then you can get this job done with relatively little impact.

Our EndPoint Backup product is a hosted service and uses a continuous data protection method and provides a seamless user experience.  Please contact us for more details on this solution for your organization.