Our Company

Wahaya provides technology solutions and services to help small and mid-sized organizations sustain growth and reinforce routine processes. Backed by technology experts Wahaya helps organizations gain the full benefits of existing systems, make strategic investments in implementing newer solutions and maintain an infrastructure that is secure, dynamic, and reliable.  Wahaya offers managed services, mobile computing, Virtual CIO, IT strategy, virtualization, cloud computing, business continuity, network security and IP telephony.

Founded in 2003, Wahaya serves as an alternative to large MSPs that use a mass market service delivery process and small organizations that lack industry experience. We provide technology solutions that unifies IT systems to control risk, improve performance and limit operating costs.

We routinely work with small and medium private businesses in the local Baton Rouge area, both small and medium sized not-for-profits, public sector departments, Fortune 500 companies, Publicly traded companies, and internationally based telecommunications companies.

Our Partners
We partner with some of the leading software and hardware companies to provide solutions custom tailored for your organization based on need a budget.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest levels of service, from a single source, for the lowest bottom line.

Our Name

Wahaya (also ‘waya’ or ‘wahya’) means ‘wolf’ in Cherokee. It is written as ᏩᏯ in the Cherokee syllabary (a writing system invented by Sequoyah). The word ‘wahaya’ (‘wahya’) is onomatopoetic, resembling the distinctive howl made by the animal.